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It might just be the hardest thing we do! We are a profitable company with a soft spot for humanity. We put a lot of research in finding the causes we want to support.

If you have and organization you think we should consider raising funds for or simply support click the link below and fill our contact form with detailed information.


We are also always looking for vendors interrested in showcasing in our events as well as sponsors. Please contact us with your details.



Upcoming Events

On Saturday March 18 2017 We are proud to sponsor the RAF Gala "Regroupement affaires Femmes".


After realizing the the RAF and Pamper Me shared similar qualities and beliefs we did not hesitate to associate with them and prepare some of our signature gift bags for the participants.


We would like to congratulate all the participants and coordinators for the time and effort dedicated to this amazing cause.


Learn more about RAF by clicking    Here


Buy tickets to the Gala:   Eventbrite

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