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Below is a list of all vendors and businesses that have accepted to associate with us to give you a greater reach at services and products we believe in.

  •                                     Tracy Passion Diva

    Tracy Jenks Wilson will be joining us to spread the PASSION!  Tracy Passion Diva provides sex coaching services, working with you to achieve your pleasure potential. She also brings the sexy stuff right to your door as an independent Pure Romance consultant, edutaining you and your guests, allowing you to shop for sensual products privately, and spoiling her hostesses.

    You can visit (18+ only) to check out the full line of lotions, potions and things that go BUZZZZ in the night!

    My Website

  •                                     Sweetlegs Ottawa with Angela

    Hi! My name is Angela and I am an independent distributor for SweetLegs.

    SweetLegs are one size fits all super duper comfy leggings!

    These leggings come a variety of prints and fit one size fits all (0-12), plus size (12-22) and kids (2-4) (6-8) (10-12). They are so very soft, and great quality!

    My Facebook page

  •                                     Veggie Drop

    Eating healthy can be hard, and it can be expensive. We’re here to help.

    We sell high quality, organic, local produce and other grocery staples delivered to your door.

    We also bring local vendors on board as we strongly believe in supporting our local community.

    We believe that you are going to love our service and we offer 15% off your first order!

    So go ahead, try us today and see how much we can save you on your essential groceries and the most valuable commodity, your time.

    My Website

  •                                     Crystal Lafave, Arbonne Executive District Manager

    Hi My name is Crystal,

    I am in love with health, fitness, food, travelling and spending time with animals and my family.

    I am someone who loves animals and when I found out that these products were vegan it was a huge relief and bonus for me. I truly respect what Arbonne stands for and their love for the healthiest products out there.

    It’s not just what we put in our products that makes them superior. It’s what we choose to formulate without. We integrate the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry — we craft products with integrity, expertise and innovation. And we do it responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time.

    My Website

  •                                     Janet Seto-Slatter, L'dara International

    Our mission is all about "Empowering People through Natural Wellness". We have developed a wide range of scientifically validated products that offer safe, effective and natural ways to take care of your health without dangerous side effects. Our products provide natural solutions for healthy weight loss, energy and performance, healthy aging and overall health and wellness.

    My Website

  •                                     Kieran Faw, Coulor by Amber / Independant Stylist

    Color by Amber is the concept of creating gorgeous materials from our natural world and encapsulating them in stunning ecoresin. Hand-spun silks, exquisite mohair, and artisan-crafted fossil leaves. Each piece of Amber is a beautiful expression of style, sustainability, and social responsibility.

    My Website

  •                                     Nathalie Perras, Stella & Dot / Independant Stylist

    I love the fashion, the flexibility, the fun and being a part of this amazing community and to give every woman the means to style her own life. We get great joy out of designing irresistible jewelry. And yet, jewelry is just the tangible expression of something much greater we are creating. We have a vision of the world where STRONG WOMEN LIVE BOLD and joyful lives. They know what they want and they work for it. They inspire each other. Passion and joy are their best accessories.

  •                                     Colleen Ovens, Park Lane Jewellery

    Founded in Chicago in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin, Park Lane Jewellery defines 'The American Dream'.

    As the world's leading direct sales jewellery party plan company, Park Lane proudly offers exceptional quality jewellery that is backed by an unconditional guarantee.


  •                                     Yole Creations, Pastry & Cakes

    We cook every day for our families, friends and guests, but it's always better to add the perfect sweet tooth to the perfect meal.

    So for your next personalized dessert reach out to Yole Creations!

    My Website

  •                                     Mama Shell's Cakes

    I love baking, and miss being creative, so have decided to try and blend two things I love, and make people happy at the same time. I can make a variety of cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, or just because. I look froward to creating fun cakes for all your special moments.

    I specialize in cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. Birthdays, weddings, corporate events.

    I look forward to helping you celebrate every moment!

    My Website

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